Post Hand Surgery Information Sheet

Pain relief and Anaesthetic

  • Local anaesthetic has been injected around the site of the operation; this area & the nearby fingers will remain numb for up to 10 hours after surgery
  • Please take some pain relief early, before the effect of the anaesthetic wears off. Take this regularly for the next few days

Swelling & Stiffness

  • Elevation of the hand will prevent swelling and stiffness
  • Please do not walk with your hand dangling or sit with your hand in your lap for the next week or two
  • Use a sling for today and tomorrow if you feel it is comfortable
  • After this, It is fine to lower your hand to use it for light activity and elevate it at other times
  • Normal light activities are good for your hand 


  • The dressing may be removed at 7 days after surgery
  • There will be some bruising and swelling
  • Once the dressings are removed it is safe to get the hand wet in the bath or shower, pat gently dry
  • If the skin is dry then briefly immerse the whole hand in warm water with a small amount of baby oil
  • The stitches are dissolving and should fall after 2-3 weeks


  • The scar can be massaged when healed – usually beginning about 2 weeks
    • Use a plain, unscented moisturizer, Vitamin E cream or Bio-oil type product
    • 5 minutes twice a day
  • Once healed the scar may become lumpy, firm, tender and pink
  • With massage this should settle over 3 – 6 months


  • You cannot drive in a splint
  • Otherwise you may drive if you are comfortable and have regained FULL finger movements and are COMFORTABLE to control the vehicle with sufficient power 

Things to watch out for…

    • Increasing pain, swelling, redness, discharge from the wound
    • Persistent change of sensation in an area of the hand once the local anaesthetic wears off
    • Scars that despite massage become progressively more swollen and tender, itchy and red
    • Worsening pain, out of proportion to what you expect


  • Help with swelling and stiffness
  • Should be performed every 4 hours during the day until the hand is back to normal

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