There are many reasons for having reconstructive surgery,
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Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery & Hand Surgery

The decision to have surgery, whether reconstructive or aesthetic, is a very personal one.  I’m compassionate and empathetic and dedicated to obtaining the best results for my patients. I believe in a thorough consultation and examination process with plenty of time to ask questions, discuss treatment options and develop rapport and mutual trust.

Dr Rebecca Ayers has been servicing Otago and Southland for over a decade. She is based in Dunedin, conducting consultations and surgeries at Fernbae House, Mercy Hospital, and Dunedin Public Hospital. Additionally, Rebecca extends her services into Central Otago, providing consultations and surgeries at Southern Cross Hospital in Queenstown. For an appointment or query, make contact here.


Hand Surgery

With my extensive experience in all aspects of hand surgery, I regularly treat nerve compression syndromes, degenerative conditions, post-traumatic reconstruction and congenital abnormalities. I work closely with Hand Therapists to optimise your recovery.

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Breast Surgery

I specialise in surgery relating to breast reduction (female & male), breast reconstruction, congenital asymmetry and inverted nipples.

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Skin Cancer Management

The diagnosis of skin cancer is always concerning. Prompt treatment will ensure you have the best possible outcome. I offer lesion assessment and skin checks. While some early lesions can be treated with creams, many skin cancers require excision. My primary goal is to remove the cancer completely while minimising any long-term scarring.

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Dunedin & Queenstown Locations

Consultations and surgeries can take place in Dunedin at Fernbae House, Mercy Hospital, and Dunedin Public Hospital and in Queenstown at Southern Cross Hospital.

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Want to make an Appointment or have an Questions?

You may have some specific questions around procedures, treatments, appointments, timeframes or costs. Contact Dr Rebecca Ayers using the form on the contact page.

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